HOSTA HOUSE, Providing Nature Therapy, 
 Refreshing Shade and Environmental Awareness;
 By Creating Hosta Gardens 

  • Vegetables grow better in the sun.  Nature, on the other hand, has programmed humans to need the safety and physical  protection that shade provides. 
  • They also need the emotional and psychological therapy which trees and other green infrastructure creates.  These things in lieu of turning to addictive substances. 

  • Trees and constructed shade  are solution to virtually all environmental challenges as well.  
  •  Shaded landscapes are water-wise. Sun loving lawns in Utah use up to 50 inches of water per year. On the other hand the Woodland Shade garden at Jordan River's Water Conservation Garden uses 9.
  • Trees and other green infrastructure also provide natural evaporative cooling to counter urban heat island effects. 
  •   Absorbing noise pollution as well.  
  •   Additionally absorbing  storm water runoff. 

  • When creating your shade sanctuary proceed as follows:

  • First; Take advantage of shade provided by existing buildings. 
  • Second;  Creatively design and build shade into your landscape.  Considering solar panels?  They should be valued for their shade  as much as for the energy they generate.  

  • Third; Utilize the shade provided by existing trees.

  • Fourth; Plant suitable additional trees.

  • Fifth; Grow a shade garden   (By planting hostas of course!)  
  • Sixth:  Enlighten others- those who don't consider themselves to be environmentalists as well as those who do.